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Dr Barbara Veselka


Key Research Interests

•    Cremated remains
•    Vitamin D deficiency



MA Archaeology of Mesoamerica, 2000

MA Human Osteoarchaeology and Mortuary Archaeology, 2012


PhD Human Osteoarchaeology, 2019

I finished my first master (in Archaeology of MesoAmerica) in 2000. In 2012, I finished my second master, in Osteoarchaeology, and started my PhD research in 2013 while working as a physical anthropologists on commercial projects. This enabled me to combine commercial archaeology with academic research, whereby I could do my PhD research and bring the commercial work up to an academic level. I love working with bone, inhumations and cremations, and I am always looking for the mysteries hidden in the human skeleton.

Main Publications

Veselka, B., Hoogland, M.L.P. & Waters-Rist, A.L. 2015. Rural rickets: vitamin D deficiency in a post-Medieval farming community from the Netherlands, International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 25: 665-675.

Veselka, B., Hoogland, M.L.P. & Waters-Rist, A.L. 2018. Gender-related vitamin D deficiency in a Dutch 19th century farming community, International Journal of Paleopathology, in press

Veselka, B. & Lemmers S.A.M. 2014. Deliberate selective deposition of Iron Age cremations from Oosterhout
(prov. Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands): a ‘pars pro toto’ burial ritual, LUNULA. Archaeologia protohistorica, XXII: 151-158.

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