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Charlotte Sabaux

I obtained my Master in Practical Archeology (2017) at the Université libre de Bruxelles, where I specialized in protohistoric archaeology. For my master thesis, I decided to expand my knowledge in anthropology and I studied the human skeletal remains that have been excavated in a cave in Belgium. Moreover, I had the opportunity to attend Henri Duday's funerary archaeology and field anthropology course, at the École française de Rome (2016).
In addition to my contribution to the excavation of several sites (Bibracte – France, Koekelberg- Belgium, Beveren – Belgium), I collaborated to the inventory and the valuation of collections in the Royal Museums of Art and History and I did photogrammetry for the Royal Museum of Central Africa.

Key Research Interests

•    Archaeology

•    Neolithic

•    Anthropology



MA Practical Archaeology 

Main Publications

Sabaux C. (2017), Bilan de l'étude anthropologique de la grotte n°1 des Avins, Eco Karst, 110: 1-5.

Sabaux C., Warmenbol E. & Polet C. (2018), Étude anthropologique de la grotte I des Avins (comm. de Clavier, Prov. de Liège, BE), Notae Praehistoricae, 37: 69-81.

Sabaux C. et Warmenbol W. (2018), Une occupation du début de l’âge du Fer  dans la grotte à sépultures néolithiques des Avins I (Clavier, prov. De Liège, Belgique), Lunula, XXVI : 137-142.

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