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Prof Eugène Warmenbol

Key Research Interests

•    Bronze and Iron Age Europe

•    Historiography

Eugène Warmenbol (° 1956) is professor at Université libre de Bruxelles (Belgium). He studies the Bronze and the Iron Age of North-Western Europe. He currently excavates a Late Iron Age fortification on the « border » between the Remi and the Atuatuci : the « Plateau des Cinkes » in Olloy-sur-Viroin (Namur). The archaeology of the caves in Han-sur-Lesse, though, is his main preoccupation, but he has never been a diver there…

He was also active on the field in Egypt (Elkab, Gurna) and in Syria (Tell Abu Danna, Tell Umm el-Marra), and curated several exhibitions around ancient Egypte (such as « Les chats des Pharaons » (1989) and « Sphinx. Les Gardiens de l’Egypte » (2006). 

He is currently President of the Belgian Society for Celtic Studies and one of his last books explores the role played by the Celts or Gauls in early Belgian nationalism (« La Belgique gailoise. Mythes et archéologie », 2010).



MA Art and Archaeology


PhD Philosophy and Letters (Art and Archaeology)

Main Publications

La Belgique gauloise. Mythes et archéologies, Bruxelles, Racine, 2010.

Le lotus et l’oignon. Egyptologie et égyptomanie en Belgique au XIXe siècle, Bruxelles, Le Livre Timperman, 2012.

(with Barbara Pecheur) Le Grand Temple de la rue du Persil à Bruxelles. L’Egypte et la Franc-Maçonnerie à la lumière de sa restauration, Bruxelles, Le Livre Timperman, 2016.

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