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Prof Guy De Mulder

I studied History (Antiquity) and Art History and Archaeology at Ghent University (1983-1991). After graduating, I worked temporary for ‘Archeologische Inventarris Vlaanderen’. From 1993 until 2005 I was working at the Provincial Archaeological Museum-Velzeke. In this period, I was responsible for preventive excavations at the Gallo-Roman vicus of Velzeke and the adjoining region. My scientific work was focused on the Gallo-Roman period. During this period, I have been curator of 4 exhibitions in the museum. In 2005, I started as assistant in the Department of Archaeology, Ghent University, followed by a temporary function as doctor-assistant. Since 2015, I am associated as research professor at the Department. Next to the protohistoric archaeology on northwestern Europe, I am interested in the protohistoric archaeology of the Balearic Island, working on projects since 2004.    

Key Research Interests

•    NW-Europe: burla ritual, material culture, radiocarbon dating
•    Balearics: limeburials, material culture, settlement (Cornia Nou)



MA in history

MA in art history and archaeology

PhD in Archaeology

Main Publications

G.DE MULDER, W. LECLERCQ, M. VAN STRYDONCK & E. WARMENBOL, Les débuts du Bronze final Bronze en Belgique et dans le Sud des Pays-Bas : ruptures et continuités. In : T. LACHENAL, C. MORDANT, T. NICOLAS & C. VÉBER (dir.), Le Bronze moyen et l’origine du Bronze final en Europe occidentale (XVIIe – XIIe siècle av. J.-C., Strasbourg: 237-268 (Monographies d’Archéologie du Grand Est 1).

G. DE MULDER, M. VAN STRYDONCK, M. BOUDIN & I. BOURGEOIS, 2017. Unravelling the occupation history of the cremation cemetery at Wijnegem/Blikstraat (Belgium), Radiocarbon, 59, (published online 20/11/2017).

M. VAN STRYDONCK, B. GRATUZE, J. ROLLAND & G. DE MULDER, 2018. An archaeometric study of some pre-Roman glass beads from Son Mas (Mallorca, Spain), Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 17: 491-499.

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