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Sarah Dalle

Key Research Interests

•   Landscape archaeology

•   Protohistory

•   Funerary archaeology

•   Burial landscapes

I finished my archaeology studies at Ghent University in 2008 with a master’s thesis on the visibility and landscape situation of the iron age hillfort of Mount Kemmel (BE), where a celtic elite resided.

After that, I started my career in field archaeology in combination with projects on science communication at the Ename Expertise Center. In commercial archaeology, I gained field experience in several companies on for example the large funerary sites of Destelbergen and Brecht, and a smaller bronze age urnfield site of Emblem, and was later on engaged in the business management.

Since 2013 I kept a strong link with science communication of archaeology to a wider audience through editing and writing for the Flemish archaeology magazine Ex situ and in 2014 by writing exhibition content and a book on Ghent University research on the Boudelo Monastery (BE) (prof. Wim De Clercq).

Under supervision of prof. Jean Bourgeois (Ghent University), I worked part-time on the Altai Mountains Survey Project (Russia), a large survey data set aiming to study and preserve the impressive burial landscapes of the steppe peoples (2015-2018).



MA Archaeology – option geoarchaeology

Main Publications

Dalle S. 2009, Visueel-ruimtelijke analyse van de ijzertijdsite op de Kemmelberg (provincie West- Vlaanderen, België), Lunula Archaeologia Protohistorica XVII, 53-65.

Dalle S., De Mulder G. 2015, De late bronstijd in Emblem-Oostmalsesteenweg (Ranst, prov. Antwerpen, België): een gebouwplattegrond en vijf urnengraven, Lunula Archaeologia Protohistorica XXIII, 85-94.

Dalle S., De Mulder G. 2016, Une habitation de l’âge du bronze et un champs d’urne de l’âge du bronze final à Emblem (prov. d’Anvers, Belgique), APRAB Bulletin 2016/13, 32-38.

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