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Giacomo Capuzzo attended the SPATIAL Course at the University of Utah

Dr. Giacomo Capuzzo attended the SPATIAL Isotopes in Biogeochemistry & Ecology Course at the University of Utah. The course, organized by Prof. Gabriel Bowen, has been a unique opportunity for him to get in touch with highly recognized experts in isotopic systems and interlinked disciplines, such as Prof. Carol Kendall, Prof. Rebecca Barnes, Prof. Simon Brewer, Prof. Sean Brennan, Prof. Michele Buzon, Prof. Lesley Chesson, Prof. Stephen Good, Prof. Deborah Khider, Prof. Kelton McMahon, Prof. David Noone, Prof. Rebecca Powell, Prof. Jason West and Prof. Mike Wunder.

Particularly interesting was the lecture of Prof. Clement Bataille from the University of Ottawa on 87Sr/86Sr isoscaping for provenance applications.

Along the two weeks of the course, the morning lectures were followed by practical lessons during the afternoons in which different iscoscapes were generated using the ArcGIS and R softwares. A fieldtrip was organized to sample water for δ18O and δ2H isotopes to conduct a hydrological study in the Little Cottonwood Canyon.

The course has also been a great opportunity for him to meet new friends and colleagues, becoming a member of the SPATIAL community.

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