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On Saturday 29th of February, Giacomo Capuzzo and Charlotte Sabaux attended the 28th Journée de Contact de la Cellule Archéologie des Ages des Métaux, organised by Guy De Mulder and Eugene Warmenbol. The conference was a great opportunity to be updated on recent archaeological discoveries and the developments regarding research on Bronze and Iron Ages in Belgium and surrounding territories.

Giacomo Capuzzo presented a talk on the reconstruction of inhumation and cremation funerary practices during the 2nd and 1st millennia BC in Belgium, using Kernel Density Analysis on radiocarbon data. Charlotte Sabaux showed the first scientific results of the osteological and isotopic analyses of cremated remains from the Late Bronze Age cemetery of Herstal “Pré Wigier”. During the conference the new book of Guy De Mulder on the urnfield burials in the Scheldt basin was presented to the public.

Charlotte's presentation

Giacomo's presentation
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