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Charlotte @ Rennes

During two weeks in February 2020, Charlotte visited Rennes to meet the Introspect project and learn more about CT-Scans that can be used to see inside the urn before excavate it. This is particularly useful when studying an all cemetery where the cremated bones are still in the urns since we can evaluate which urn is interesting to excavate and also set up an excavation protocol adapted to the bones but also to the material associated. 

The introspect project aims to develop new uses and tools for archaeologists using interactive digital introspection methods that combine computed tomography with 3D visualization technologies, such as Virtual Reality, tangible interactions and 3D printing. During this internship, Charlotte worked closely to Flavien Lecuyer, PhD in the project, in order to improve 3D visualization technologies for the urns and theirs excavations from an anthropological point of view. 20 urns of a Belgian site have also been scanned and new collaboration have established announcing beautiful future projects.

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