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Giacomo's activities during COVID19

Giacomo is currently working on reconstructing changes in human mobility through the isotopic analysis of human remains from four cremation cemeteries located in Flanders and dating to the Bronze-Iron Ages (Boechout-Berthoutstraat, Brecht-Ringlaan, Hofstade-Kasteelstraat and Maasmechelen-Mottekamp). Strontium isotopes have been already measured on fragments of calcined bones from more than 130 graves, which were previously 14C dated at the KIK-IRPA Radiocarbon dating lab in Brussels.

To obtain local baselines for the bioavailable strontium Giacomo has collected with the help of Amanda Sengeløv modern plants in the areas around the four sites. Strontium isotopes have been measured on those plants at the G-Time lab of the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Now it is time for data analysis…new exciting results are coming soon!


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