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Amanda Sengeløv

Key Research Interests

•    Bioarchaeology

•    Isotope archaeology

•    Mobility studies

•    Dental nonmetric trait studies

•    Congolese swords and sabers

Amanda Sengeløv graduated in September 2014 from Ghent University after completing her master’s research on ritual Congolese swords and sabres (Mbele a Lulendo) which she helped excavate during fieldwork for the Kongo King project. During her studies at Ghent she undertook fieldwork in Belgium, Denmark, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Italy and minored in Geography.  

Hereafter, she pursued a premaster in osteology (September 2014 - February 2015) in order to study Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology at Leiden University (February 2015 - September 2017). Here she specialized in dental non-metric traits and strontium isotope analysis of tooth enamel, which she applied in her master’s research on a 5th to 4th century BCE population of ancient Satricum in central Italy to investigate an archaeological hypothesis which suggests a changed ethno-cultural identity as a result of migrating groups. From 2015 to 2017, she was in charge of the documentation and analysis of the osteological material excavated during the summer campaigns of the Mapping the Via Appia Project. 



MA in Archaeology of Northwestern Europe (Ghent University)

MSc in Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology (Leiden University)

Main Publications

Sengeløv, A., Van de Wijdeven, G., Waters-Rist, A., Gnade, M., Laffoon, J., and Davies, G., 2018 (in preparation). Buried in Satricum: A bioarchaeological examination of Sr and O isotopes and dental nonmetric traits to assess human mobility in a Post-Archaic context. Journal of Archaeological Science Reports.

Sengeløv, A., Puype, J.P., De Clercq, W., and Clist, B., 2017. Les épées de la fin du 17e siècle au 18e siècle du cimetière de Kindoki In B. Clist, P. de Maret, and K. Bostoen (Eds.), Archaeology of the Kongo kingdom's northern provinces, Oxford: Archaeopress.

Clist, B., Cranshof E., De Schryver G.-M., Herremans D., Karklins K., Matonda Sakala I., Polet C., Sengeløv A., Steyaert F., Verhaeghe C. and Bostoen K., 2015. The elusive archaeology of Kongo urbanism: The case of Kindoki, Mbanza Nsundi (Lower Congo, DRC). The African Archaeological Review, 32.

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