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Dr Mathieu Boudin

Key Research Interests

•    Radiocarbon dating
•    Stable isotopes



Master in the Industrial Engineer Science: Chemistry

PhD in applied biological science

Dr. Mathieu Boudin (1974) has been working in the Radiocarbon Laboratory from the Royal Institute of Cultural Heritage (Brussels, Belgium) since 2001. He obtained his Doctoral Degree in Applied Biological Sciences 2015. He is the head of the Radiocarbon Laboratory since 2016 where his main activities are running the Accelerated Mass Spectromy and developing new pre-treatment methods for archaeological material.

Main Publications

M. Boudin, P. Boeckx, A. Buekenhoudt, P. Vandenabeele, M. Van Strydonck. 2013. Development of a nanofiltration method for bone collagen 14C AMS dating. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms 294: 233-239.

M Boudin, P Boeckx, P Vandenabeele , M Van Strydonck . 2013. Improved radiocarbon dating for contaminated archaeological bone collagen, silk, wool and hair samples via cross-flow nanofiltrated amino acids. Rapid Communications for Mass Spectrometry 27(18): 2039-2050.

M Boudin, P Boeckx, P Vandenabeele, M Van Strydonck. 2014. An archaeological mystery revealed by radiocarbon dating of cross-flow nanofiltrated amino acids derived from bone collagen, silk and hair: The case study of the bishops Baldwin I and Radbot II  from Noyon-Tournai. Radiocarbon 56(2) : 603–617.

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