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Rica Annaert

Key Research Interests

•   Rural archaeology in the province of Antwerp

•   Iron Age and Early Middle Ages

•   Merovingian cemetery at Broechem



MA Archaeology in North-West Europe

- 1991- current: Senior Heritage Researcher in Archaeology at successively the Flemish Archaeological Heritage Institute (IAP), Flemish Heritage Institute (VIOE), Flemish Heritage Agency (OE) responsible for management, research, protection inventorisation and dissemination of the archaeological heritage (with emphasis on rural archaeology in the province of Antwerp).


Since 2001 research activities are focused on the study of the Early Medieval cemetery at Broechem which will result in a publication of the cemetery (2018) and a PhD-thesis (Free University Brussels) putting the cemetery in a broader context.

Excavations at Kontich, Poppel, Brecht, Weelde, Turnhout, Malle, Grobbendonk, Hove, Broechem, Edegem.

Different rescue interventions during building activities and infrastructure projects.

- 2009-2015: team coordinator (VIOE and OE)

- 2009-2015: member of the editorial board of Relicta, the institute’s scientific publication

- 2008-2012: VIOE-coördinator of the European project ‘Archaeology in Contemporary Europe’ (central coordination by Inrap, France).

- 2001-2003: Coördinator of the Campine ‘Plaggen-project’

- 1998-2012: teacher ‘Archaeology’ in the course Regional Guide organised by Toerisme Vlaanderen.


International memberships:

- Association Française de l’Archéologie Mérovingienne,

- Internationales Sachsensymposion, Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Archäologie der Sachsen und ihrer Nachbarvölker in Nordwesteuropa (board member and treasurer since 2009).

- European Association of Archaeologists

- Society for Medieval Archaeology

Main Publications

ANNAERT R., in prep.: Het vroegmiddeleeuwse grafveld van Broechem (gem. Ranst-prov. Antwerpen), Merovingian Archaeology in the Low Countries (2 vol.), Bonn (Habelt Verlag).


ANNAERT R. & ERVYNCK A. 2013: The elite as individualised members of a local community: the Merovingian cemetery at Broechem (Antwerp, Belgium). In: Ludowici B. (ed.), Individual and Individuality? Approaches toward an Archaeology of Personhood in the First Millenium AD, Neue Studien zur Sachsenforschun 4, Hannover, 107-116.

ANNAERT R., DEFORCE K. & VANDENBRUAENE M. 2011: The cremation graves at the Broechem cemetery (prov. of Antwerp, Belgium). In: T.A.S.M. Panhuysen (ed.), Transformations in North-Western Erope (AD 300-1000). Proceedings of the 60th Sachsensymposion 19.-23. September 2009 Maastricht, Neue Studien zur Sachsenforschung 3, Hannover, 207-217.

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