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1st BECC conference

From the 25th to the 28th of March Barbara and Elisavet (Ellie) participated in the 1st online Bioarchaeology Early Career Conference (BECC) organised by the Unversity of Glasgow. The aim of the conference was to provide a safe, secure and friendly environment in which ECR's can gain experience in presenting their research to members of the wider bioarchaeology community. The participants had the opportunity not only to increase their research profile but, importantly, to receive productive feedback from peers and established members of the community. The organisation of the conference by Michelle Hay, Marie Weale and Elizabeth Church was perfect and all the talks and the posters were super interesting!

Ellie presented some preliminary results of her PhD in the CRUMBEL project with the title ''Burned bones, hot research: Investigating cremation settings using FTIR and carbon and oxygen isotope analysis on archaeological cremated human remains from Belgium''.

Barbara presented a part of her Post-Doc research in the CRUMBEL project with the title ''Divergence, diet, and disease: The identification of group identity, landscape use, health, and mobility in the 5th to 6th-century burial community of Echt, the Netherlands''. Barbara's excellent presentation won the award of the isotopic analysis best oral presentation! Well done Barbara!

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