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Osteoweek CRUMBEL team

In the last week of January, the CRUMBEL team set out on an adventure. The whole crew committed to a whole week of osteoarchaeological analyses of two mass graves. Both mass graves date to the Roman period, one was from Oudenburg and the other from Destelbergen. Each mass grave contained between 10 and 15 kg of burnt bone, a huge task but perfect for the osteoweek. The joint effort yielded interesting results. The mass grave of Oudenburg contained the remains of at least 5 individuals with ages-at-death ranging from < 25 years to 60+ years. The remains of Destelbergen belonged to at least 15 individuals, including young nonadults (0 – 6 years). The osteoweek proved to be very successful and will be repeated in a couple of months.

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