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From 5 to 8 September 2018, the CRUMBEL team attended the 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA 2018) in Barcelona, Spain. These were also the first days of Amanda, Ellie, Marta and Rica on the CRUMBEL Team.

It was the occasion for Dries, Guy, Giacomo, Kevin and Christophe to present the results of their recent research and obtain the feedback from an international audience:

  • Dries Tys - Medieval markets and assembly places as non-places? & Feudal power and the emancipation of the merchant in Flanders as driving force for the urban revolution, 850-1200

  • Guy De Mulder & Sarah Dalle - Fortified hill sites in central-Belgium during the 5th century BC

  • Giacomo Capuzzo - The diffusion of Neolithic harvesting tools into the Mediterranean area, demic diffusion or cultural innovation?

  • Kevin Salesse - An isotope-based approach to reconstructing the dynamics of ancient Greek lifeways

  • Christophe Snoeck - Creating a Sr isoscape - From planning to mapping

Dries also organised the "Forum Medieval Archaeology (MERC): The Mediterranean as connection and gateway in the Middle Ages" and chaired a session entitled "Medieval non-places: sites of transience in the Medieval world".

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